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Call for Nominations for the 2023 Billings Medal

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Dear GAC-Paleontology Division Members,

The GAC-Paleo Division has three awards that are given out on a three-year cycle. In 2023, the Division will award the Billings Medal for lifetime achievement in paleontology. The award will be given at the 2023 Canadian Paleontology Conference in the fall.

The Billings Medal, established by the Paleontology Division (PD) of the Geological Association of Canada, is awarded to an individual in recognition of an outstanding long-term contribution to any aspect of Canadian paleontology or by a Canadian to paleontology. It is named in honour of Elkanah Billings, the first paleontologist hired by the Geological Survey of Canada.

Members of the GAC-PD Executive have been working diligently to upgrade and update the nomination process for the Billings Medal. Please note that the nomination process has changed from previous years.

Paleontology is a broad profession that includes a diversity of fields, including university professors, museum professionals, preparators, consultants, government geologists, etc. The PD Executive recognizes that ‘excellence’ may be defined differently for each field. Five ‘Areas of Excellence’ have been identified - Academic Contributions; Teaching and Mentoring; Service to the Paleontology Community; Field, Laboratory and Collections Contributions; and Public Outreach and Education. Nominators should demonstrate their nominee has demonstrated excellence in at least two of the areas. The Areas of Excellence are listed in the nomination package, and it is encouraged that nominators and references refer to them in their nomination letters.

The nominee does not have to be a PD member. However, at least one nominator per application must be an active PD member.

More information is provided in the attached Nominations Package. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

The deadline for the 2023 nominations is Friday, June 30th, 2023.

Thank you!

GAC- Paleontology Executive

GAC PD Billings Medal Nomaination Package04112023
Download PDF • 152KB

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