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Avocationalist Award

Great discoveries are made, and great things are done, by people who have no formal training in paleontology but who are passionate about ancient life, fossils, and the preservation of fossil sites. Whether it is donating a fossil collection to an institution, protecting and/or maintaining a site of paleontological importance, volunteering in fossil prep or outreach, or fundraising to build a fossil museum, avocational palaeontologists play a huge role in the Canadian palaeontology community.

The PD Division has created a new award to recognizes the role of avocational paleontology in Canada. This new, yet unnamed, award will recognize and celebrate the contributions of non-professional paleontologists to the field, helping to send the message that avocational palaeologists of are all ages are important and valued. The new Avocational Paleontologist Award will be the fourth award offered by the Division, along with the Billings Medal for Lifetime Achievement, the Pikaia Award for Early Career Researchers, and the Thomas E. Bolton Award for an exceptional student presentation at CPC. The awards will be offered in a three-year cycle, excepting the Bolton Award which will be awarded annually at CPC.


To nominate someone for the Avocational Palaeontologist Award please e-mail completed nomination packages to by Monday, October 3rd. Include ‘Avocational Palaeontologist Award Nomination’ in the subject heading.

Each nomination should include:

  • Completed nomination page

  • Completed Ethical Professional Conduct declaration

  • Two references who can speak to the nominees contributions to palaeontology.​​

Please ensure these references are available for, and aware of, a potential phone call or e-mail communication during October 2022.​

  • ​A 300-word citation. (Why does this person deserve this award?)​

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