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CPC 2022- Second Circular, AGM

Dear Paleo Division Members,

There is still time to register for the virtual Canadian Paleontology Conference (CPC) 2022!

The conference which will take place over the late afternoon/evenings of October 20-22nd. There is no fee to register.

We have a number of talented presenters, including many students. The conference schedule also includes a virtual Icebreaker, the 2022 GAC-PD AGM, and the Awards Ceremony for the Thomas E. Bolton and (Inaugural) Avocational Paleontology awards.

Below is the second circular for CPC 2022, which contains a schedule for the conference. If you have not yet registered, please consider attending a session or two in support of the Canadian paleontology community, particularly the students.

Members are also encouraged to attend the Virtual AGM on Friday, October 22nd at 6:30 pm (EDT). If you are not attending the conference but would like to attend the AGM, please let me know and I will send you the Zoom link.



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